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(If I remember right) you will be asked a question on what to do with the already existed bookmarks and one of the options is to merge them. No matter what, Chrome is not going to delete anything valuable without your confirmation.


There are a couple ways to do this (I assume you're using Chrome): Type chrome://bookmarks into the browser. or Hit ctrl+shift+b on the keyboard and this will make the bookmarks toolbar appear just under the Chrome omnibar (URL bar).


If you use Chrome on all those devices (it's available on iOS now), the simplest option would probably be using Chrome's built-in bookmark synching feature. Just make sure you're logged in the same Google Account on those Chrome instances and you'll see bookmarks and web opene tabs from other devices. If that cant work for you and you can do a bit of code, ...


If you're using Chrome's sync, your bookmarks on the unsynced computer will be added to your network bookmarks. I've done this before, and each time this is how it's worked.


I don't believe you can. You can have an RSS feed that could be accessed in Chrome using an extension. Or you could cobble something together yourself - perhaps by using the RSS feed into a blog (WordPress maybe) and then having some scripts to do the final sync - however, I'm not convinced it would work. Chrome is very tight on security and I doubt it ...

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