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It is possible to create a new folder from the web interface, but it would require you to have at least one file within the folder when creating it. When using the normal way of creating new files through the web interface, you can type in the folder into the file name to create the file within that new directory. E.g. If I would like to create the file ...


Use GoogleCL, the universal Google command line client. It's implemented in Python and therefore cross-platform. Unlike youtube-upload it uses proper OAuth2 authentication, so you're not typing in or sending your Google account password in plain text. Install via pip: pip install googlecl Uploading a video is as simple as: google youtube post --category ...


You could give this open source project a try: Youtube-upload is a command-line script that uploads videos to Youtube. Youtube-upload should work on any platform (GNU/Linux, BSD, OS X, Windows, ...) that runs Python 2/3.


Why not just paste the command into a text file and attach it to the email?


Use this straightforward tutorial on accessing the standard Youtube Cloud API, takes 10 mins to setup and gets the job done: Google happens to have its own script, and I could make it work with some, or rather a lot of, efforts mainly ...


Here is a list of different brushes that you can add to the script to support several other languages, among which are batch files (bat, cmd, batch):

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