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Conditional formatting in Google Sheets does not involve setting number formats. To achieve the desired effect, you can use a script running on edit: function onEdit(e) { if (e.range.getA1Notation() == 'A1') { switch (e.value) { case 'Whole Number': e.range.offset(1,0).setNumberFormat('0'); break; case 'Percentage': ...


Finally I got it to work. Here's the formula I used: =and($E:$E=0%;not(isBlank($E:$E))) The organization of the cells is because there is another layer to the data that I forgot to include in the example. Each grade is composed of different sections that are graded separately. For example English-90% Creative Writing - Pass Grammar - Fail


You can use isblank() to format blank cells the way you want to. For example =or(and($E:$E<90%, $E:$E>0%), isblank($E:$E)) or =or(and($E:$E<90%, $E:$E>0%), not(isblank($E:$E))) By the way, you can simply enter $E1 here instead of $E:$E - the conditional formatting formula can be written as it applies to the upper left corner of the range.

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