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It is not possible. Check this link:


After selecting the range N2:Y, apply to it conditional formatting with "Custom formula is:" =sum(arrayformula(n(regexmatch($N2:$Y2, "Yes, I take this medication within the specified dosage range|I am unsure If I take this")))) = 0 Explanation: $N2:$Y2 refers to the range N-Y in the current row. regexmatch($N2:$Y2, "this|that") returns True when the cell ...


In the formatting dialog, select "custom formula" with the formula = B1>=A1+2. That is, enter the inequality or equality you wish to trigger the formatting, preceded by = sign.


Use conditional formatting with custom formula =len(join("", B1:1)) The join concatenates all the values in that row, starting with B1. The formatting applies if the length of the concatenated string is not zero.

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