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Promoting pnuts' comment to an answer: the custom formula =A1<>indirect("Another Sheet!R"&row()&"C"&column(), 0) will apply formatting to all cells in a range (such as A1:Z, etc) that you provide in the conditional formatting dialog. Explanation: "0" indicates notation in R1C1 format (available only in new Google Sheets), the ...


Suppose the dates are in column A, beginning with row 2, and cells to be formatted are in column B. Then you'd use conditional formatting with custom formula =AND(A2<TODAY()+21, B2="no") applying it to the range B2:B.


Use =and(len(B2), ... ) where ... is your current condition. The length value of 0 corresponds to False; any positive value is True. A more explicit, but longer version is using not(isblank(B2)) instead of len(B2) By the way, your construction = if( condition, 1, 0) is not necessary; simple = condition works. E.g., =B2<((B$7/4)*$A2) is a valid formula ...


You can use a range as a parameter for the ISFORMULA() function. e.g. If you want to highlight all cells containing formulas in the range A1:J10, then you can use the formula =ISFORMULA(A1:J10) and apply it to the range A1:J10.

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