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Conditional formatting - custom formula range 2:227 = if($i:$i = "Duplicate",True,False) select the color you want the row to be highlighted.


You can use "format cells if equal to...", but there are a couple of things to watch for: the reference to B4 should be B$4, with an absolute row number the rule "if equal to... B$4" would mean the cell value has to be literally "B$4". You want "if equal to... =B$4"


You can achieve your desired results by putting a tilde, ~ in front of the asterisk as an escape character, if you put the conditional formatting rules in the order listed below. First, create the one for orange when three asterisks occur using text contains and then specifying ~*~*~*. Select custom to pick an orange background. Then create the one for two ...


When editing conditional formatting, select Custom formula and use the following... =if(A1 = 1 , true) Select you colors and your done.


One can have alternating coloring for filtered views that involve only hiding some rows. This can be done by using the command subtotal which ignores the cells hidden due to a filter. You should have a column, for example A, which is non-blank in every row that contains data. Then apply conditional formatting to A1:Z (for example) with custom formula ...


Suppose your data begins with Row 2. Then apply the following conditional formatting formula to the range R2:Y (or R2:Y100 if your data ends in row 100): =COUNTIF($R2:$Y2, "="&char(10004))=8 Here, COUNTIF counts the cells with the checkmark; if there are 8 of them, formatting is applied. And here is a version that applies formatting if there are ...

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