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I came up with some solutions and they seem to work at the moment: First, the easiest one. Use the bookmarklet I have mentioned here. When you click the bookmark, YouTube video will stop. If you need a button, use this userscript. I recently created my own Google Chrome Extension. If you are a Chrome user, you can make use of this extension instead of the ...


Looks like I’m a bit late. As Sk Nepal mentioned, you can use a simple bookmarklet to address the issue. It will be workable as long as YouTube has a static player ID. Here is my version of the bookmarklet.


The only way to stop your download is to click at the end of your YouTube video. If you are looking for the thumb that the video use: press Ctrl + U. Search for this line: meta property="og:image" content="http://anurl.com/vi/letters.jpg?feature=og" You can use Ctrl + F for searching this line. Copy and paste the URL.


The solution involves setting some Custom CSS in FB Purity, go here for the full method: How to hide facebook smileys / emoticons with FB Purity. Full list of codes. Update N.B The latest version of the FB Purity browser extension now has a built in option to turn off the graphical emoticons, so the Custom CSS is no longer required.


when using the new Vector skin, install the Vector extension and add this to your LocalSettings.php (after including the extension files): $wgVectorFeatures['expandablesearch']['global'] = true; This would expand the search box dynamically when it is focused on, but this is only a functionality of the Vector skin.


Apparently lit's in inc/var.php from the autopilot root directory. look for $dbuser and $db.


I've just checked my account and there's still a "Notifications" tab. It's URL is http://www.facebook.com/editaccount.php?notifications

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