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If you can access other sites, check Down For Everyone this will tell you whether it's just your connection to the site or a general problem with the site. Alternatively, you can use something like the WhyDown service (which is itself currently down), it has a similar functionality, but also tries to diagnose the source of a problem, answering the "why?" ...


Open your Contacts page. Click Remove Connections underneath the search bar in the upper right. Check the box next to the contact(s) you want to delete. Click Remove Connections on the right.


If you're on Firefox, you can try the Electronic Frontier Foundation's HTTPS Everywhere extension. It uses a customizable list of URL matches to hijack the browser's page-loading process and redirect to equivalent HTTPS URLs before the network request goes out. YouTube is included and enabled by default. Otherwise, you may be out of luck. Chrome doesn't ...


just-ping.com pings a website you specify from 50 locations across the world & displays the status & round trip time. There are also a bunch of other online tools to check availability & performance issues.


To my knowledge, there is no all-in-one removal tool that is able to suggest who may be a good candidate to boot from your network (something similar to ManageFlitter for Twitter). However, I can suggest two tools to assist you with trimming & organizing your network (which I personally use): InMaps: Visualizes your network and identifies ...


If it's a website of a decent size, and it's down, you're certainly not the only one who sees the problem. See who might be complaining about it on Twitter: http://twitter.com/#search?q=sitename If you're afraid that the site has closed down without alerting you, again if it's a fairly large site it will be noticed. Try a web search for "<sitename> ...


If he was your 3rd degree connection, this does not mean you now have 'friends in common'. That would have made him a 2nd degree (you->common friend -> him). What you are looking for is a person whom he and another one of your friends have now in common. Or to put it in different words - a 2nd degree connection which at least two of your friends share. I ...


Given the disparity in numbers, it's possible that you've been blocked by some people. They would still count as having added you even if that means adding you to the list of people they don't want any interaction from. Here's an excerpt from the block help from Google Plus that leans towards that theory: Block someone They'll be removed from ...


They might checked your e-mail address in other users address book (people who did agree giving their addressbook).


There are two pieces here, there is a terminal emulator called hterm and an ssh client. For your question it's probably enough to think of a terminal emulator as the piece of software that displays the applications you're running. In this case, the application you're running is an SSH client using NaCl technology to run in your browser. They are bundled ...


Use startpage.com as your home page or search engine. In the field search put 'youtube' and open the provided link. It will load in secure connection. I have never had any problems and it doesn't afect videos at all.


If all you are trying to do is see the connections you share with that person, go to his/her profile and click on the number of connections they have (example below). That will take you to a page with all their connections. If you look carefully, you'll see a tab that says: Shared Connections followed by a number in parenthesis (see the pic below). ...

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