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Fake Name Generator is capable of creating entire fake identities, including nationality, phone numbers, credit card numbers, addresses, biometric info like height and weight and even blood type, and more. Perhaps the best feature is the ability to download entire datasets of fake identities. This allows you to set which demographics you want included, how ...


For my iPhone, I use Google Sync, which works flawlessly. If you go to the Google Sync homepage, you'll see that they also have Contacts sync for Nokia S60. I would recommend trying Google Sync out. This will sync your contacts with Gmail's contacts, so you can even access them through any web browser.


Google does not accept general support queries via emails. They have three levels of support: help centers for individual products (mostly knowledge base style) help forums (mostly peer support, though occasionally a Google staffer will drop in) enterprise support (dedicated support staff, available to Apps Premier and Education customers only)


Go to your contacts and find the contact in question. Click on the current avatar (their profile picture)... "Change Picture". Select "No Photo". Click "Set as contact photo". You can change it back again by repeating steps 1 & 2 and selecting "Profile photo".


If you hover your mouse pointer over one of the names, you'll get a "contact card" which will show you the email address. (Plus other information if the person is actually in your contacts.)


For Nokia phone, just use Ovi Contacts. It has a web and a Symbian client (comes pre-installed on S60v5 and higher). And best of all, it's free. I t integrates well with my phone (I have an X6), for example allowing me to call someone either from my phone's memory, my SIM card, or my Ovi collection.

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