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Contacts Click the New Group button: "+" with 2 people. Give it a name and click ok. Go back to My Contacts (or whichever grouping is appropriate) and select users. On the right, click Groups and select the group to add to. Compose an email and use the group name in the To field


When you add a contact to a group you choose the email address that you want to add to it and not the actual contact. When the contact are displayed in the group list you will have the email you have chosen and +x depending on how many other email address the person has, however, when you send an email to that group it will be only sent to the email ...


Please follow these steps to be able see your groups and to add/remove/modify group properties: 1- If you are in Outlook, then click on the down arrow beside the Outlook logo on the top left. Alternatively, go to the People page here and sign in if you aren't already signed in. 2- You should see something along these lines: Now, your groups and ...


The latest version of gmail certainly allows you to remove contact's email address. Just click edit on the contact, and click remove to the right of the email address. All messages bound for groups hit the primary-email of each recipient, (the first in the contact listing). There is no way that I know of to change this without clearing all the email ...

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