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Yes, you can split conversations using a regular IMAP-client. Move one of the two messages to a different folder (label) using the IMAP-client and then move it back to the original folder (label). If you set the draft flag in your external IMAP-client you can also edit the message to add keywords etc.


You don't have to use Google's Conversation View if you don't want. Then you can do whatever you want with individual messages. How can I turn off Gmail's threaded conversation view?


Gmail will consider emails as art of the same conversion based on the subject line A conversation will break off into a new thread if the subject line of the conversation is changed, or if the conversation reaches over 100 messages. Therefor tweak the CRM to avoid identical subject lines.


I have a similar situation where I email a lot of things to myself from Google Reader, I can filter the ones that I have forwarded though by using the to: field. In this case: "google reader" to:!me Where the ! mark finds all emails sent to NOT me. Then you can label these and filter again: label:News !label:Keep This will find all News NOT with the ...


I've looked into solutions to similar problems before, and I think that the problem is that the threads system is so entrenched in the software that it's difficult if not impossible to organize your mails in any other way. A less than optimal way of dealing with it would be to forward the messages of the thread to yourself, and in doing so, change the ...


Gmail marks messages as unread, not the whole thread. Your statement is not completely true indeed: "This solution forces me to read messages in the conversation again to see, what's new". What realy happens is the following: when some message(s) in the thread is (are) unread, then it is (they are) shown up at first, while the read ones are collapsed and ...


If you receive an email then gmail tries to apply a filter to the incoming message. It will also attach it to a conversation if it can. Unless your filter "archives" the message (which is just the removal of the inbox label) the message/conversation will be shown in the inbox in descending order by time. An email you send will not generally automatically ...


No, there is not. Facebook applications can only delete content they own/posted. In addition Facebook doesn't deal in the negatives, so applications like these are swiftly banned/deleted. Even if you got a script to automatically click delete in a browser simulated window, your account would be disabled faster than the script would finish.


It looks impossible with the standard search bar. I tried searching for conversations that do not contain "Re:" or "Fwd:", but there is something broken about GMail search when it comes to that! If I use search string subject:"fwd:", I get conversations with forwards. If I use search string -subject:"fwd:", I get all e-mail (not just conversations without ...


Yes, you can. If you want to put two e-mails together into a conversation, forward one of the e-mails to yourself using the subject line from the other e-mail. It's not pretty (it obscures the original sender a bit, as well as the timeline if you do it after other messages in the conversation roll in), but it works.


You could consider connecting any IMAP capable e-mail client that can search for such a thing to your Gmail account and deleting the single mail "threads" like that. Thunderbird's message filters don't seem to work exactly the way you want, but I think they might help speed things up.

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