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You can download and convert a Google Docs to a MS Office Word Document. Click the arrow on the Actions link for the file you want to convert and select Download... (Note the ellipsis) The following Convert and Download window will appear, select the Microsoft Word option


Try using a vlookup: =vlookup(A1,$C$1:$D$7,2,True) This example shows the "values" in column A and the resulting groupings in column B. What's happening here is that the matching parameter in the vlookup has been set to True, and this allows for approximate matching. In the case of numbers, it means it will match to any number that is less than or ...


CloudHQ is a paid service that supports one-way syncing between a variety of cloud platforms I can't comment on whether or not the output would be supported by LibreOffice or HTML, but it seems likely that it would. I would email the developers.


Not pretty, but to convert cell A1 use: =if(A1<6,1,if(A1<10,2,if(A1<16,3,if(A1<22,4,if(A1<27,5,if(A1<32,6,7))))))


I've created a Google Spreadsheet in which I tried to interpret your question. With FREQUENCY and plain old values, you can accomplish that. UPDATE: I've chosen the groups more wisely. Result is now exactly the same as the previous answer !! Both scores are 105. Screen shot, with formulas shown: Screen shot, without formulas shown: The file is ...


The value of GoogleFinance("CURRENCY:USDBRL") is the value of one US dollar in Brazilian currency. This needs to be multiplied by the dollar amount that you want to convert. So, if B5 is the USD amount, the formula =B5*GoogleFinance("CURRENCY:USDBRL") will give the equivalent amount in Brazilian currency.


Facebook is not for original-quality image-hosting, but it's great for promotion. I would advise you to store the originals on a hosting site that does not modify the originals, post a smaller version to facebook (optimised according to other links in comments), and link to your original. Possibly, linking to the original will provide a good-enough-quality ...


Brive does this. Will backup all your documents in a variety of formats.


There is a feature request for metric units here https://forums.loseit.com/posts/list/60/178.page which is active since 2009. So according to the forum thread, as of writing this answer,metric units are not available for Lose it! yet.

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