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I took some test CSV data and pasted it into a Google Sheet. When I opened the clipboard and chose "split text to columns", my data was immediately split. There shouldn't be anything else you need to do. Try with a smaller sub-set of the data.


Actually the answer is trivial: Google webapps has MarkdownTableMaker Works reasonably well.


This is similar to my answer to IMPORTHTML at a certain time of day in Google Spreadsheets, but I guess the question isn't a duplicate, so: Enter the script (below) in the Script Editor (under Tools) Change the name of sourceSheet and logSheet to what you have. Create a trigger under Resources > This project's triggers, so it runs daily between 8pm and ...


After spending every waking moment working on this and now much more since I have answered this question and I m sorry it took a while to update. here's where I have left off. it's clunky but functional: var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet(); var s = ss.getActiveSheet(); var r = s.getActiveRange(); var c = s.getActiveCell(); var aRow = r.getRow(); ...

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