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Yammer which uses Yams instead of Tweets here


Yammer is basically Twitter for Business ('yams' of information) where only employees of a company are able to access the closed environment (restricted by email domain). Discussions are possible as you can view all replys below the original message. You can follow work members and set up groups for common interests/job functions. There are now also ...


I think your best option is to paste the UNC path into your email as simple text guide the recipient to copy/paste the UNC path to Windows Explorer's path box (Shortcut Win+e then F6) or to the Start/Run... dialog box (Shortcut Win+r).


Assuming that the album covers that you're asking about are FB Timeline covers, the image dimensions are 851px by 315px according to information on this page. The same information can be found at this Time Techland article. Facebook has posted some information as well on this help page. The detailed specs include: Cover images must be at least 399 ...


If you've got WordPress installed, you can try the P2 theme. It's neat: inline comments, inline editing, real-time updates, etc.


37 Signal has a product called backpack that is a little more than twitter but is basically what you are looking for. I believe their Basecamp product also has it built in project specific so that each project has its own feed.

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