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According to this Microsoft site, accounts were deleted after 120 days of inactivity in 2007. Lifehacker confirms this: And Hotmail user names are up for grabs 6 months after expiration or ...


Try the solution here - AuthWordpress: Sharing WordPress session cookie with MediaWiki (Stack Overflow)


If you're asking so that you can login to your account: Use the "Forgotten account?" link. This allows you to get your information by using your: Email Phone number (if set up) Username (which it sounds like you're looking for, so you would want to use one of the other options) Full Name You can also associate multiple emails to the same account, and ...


Account expiration. In Windows Live Hotmail, customers have four times longer than with MSN Hotmail before their account expires: 120 days of inactivity instead of 30 days. Source. See this article also.

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