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Drop this formula in the first cell of your google spreadsheet: =importData("http://example.com/activities.csv") And it will automatically fill out the rest of the current spreadsheet with as many columns and rows as it needs until all the data from the original source csv is displayed. There are many other powerful ways to feed Google Spreadsheets from ...


I've found that setting a filter in Google Spreadsheets, copying that filtered selection, and then pasting into Excel does only paste the filtered selection. When you try to paste into another Google Spreadsheet, you get all rows in the selection (regardless of filter).


With the new Google Spreadsheet, you are able to add more than 256 columns. To test this, I added this formula in A1: =TRANSPOSE(REPT("A,", 367)) and continued with this formula in A2 =SPLIT(A1, ",") It will raise an error, telling you to add more columns (it will add 300 as a standard): Once added, the split result will expand and show all the data ...

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