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Snip URL allow editing if you register. Not Long claimed to be able to do this. They had a comparison page (now defunct) and editing is one of the things they compared and highlighted as a benefit of their service. However, this aspect of the service appears to have been discontinued.


There is a guide to doing that here. Essentially just go to http://www.facebook.com/username/ and click "Set a username for your pages" where you will be prompted with options to set up a custom URL for any of your pages.


Facebook changed this in September 2011. The first time that you set the audience to specific lists or people after the change, this notice pops up: Any custom audience set to specific lists or friends after you are shown this notice will show the list of names. If it was set before you were shown the notice (even if the same setting is still being used ...


As this Google Analytics Google Groups states "IP Addresses are not tracked by Google Analytics" at all for some reasons mentioned in the post, like "it's not reliable", "it's not scalable" and "it's Evil".


Well it appears that I was being slightly stupid. You don't need to enter a Custom URL Shortening at all. You need to set the URL Shortening Service to j.mp (bit.ly) Then scroll right down to the bottom of the screen and go to API Keys you can then set your Login & API Key in here.


Traffic.com offers e-mail and SMS alerts for any driving routes you register. As for Mass Transit, check with your local transit agency. A lot of them offer alerts. WMATA, for instance, offers e-mail alerts (which could be sent to your phone via your provider's e-mail SMS gateway) and also has a Twitter account to which they post alerts.


it's pretty easy actually. once you've logged into posterous, click on your site in the left hand panel && then click on settings on the right above post by email. under settings there is a custom domain section. from there all you'll need to do is create a new cname record [ if you use cpanel this is pretty easy to do ]. here is posterous link as ...


The easiest way is to find a template (Blogger's word for a theme) that is set up for this. You could just work out how to do the template changes yourself - but other people have solved this before. None of the standard Blogger-provided ones do, so you need to google for others. (But be aware that there is no guarantee that they will continue working, ...


To my knowledge you cannot set up a Posterous blog as a subdirectory. You can, however, set up a custom domain such as blog.example.com, then point www.example.com/blog to blog.example.com using htaccess, but depending on your situation that may not be ideal. Here's an .htaccess file set up that will point a subdirectory to a subdomain: # Externally ...

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