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Click on 'My Contacts' in the left vertical list of groups. On the far right is the detail pane, and one of the buttons is: Find Duplicates. Once you've got the list you can just check them all and merge them. It's not bulletproof, but it's pretty good.


Google recently introduced a new tool within gmail to merge duplicates. Full details on the this post from the official Gmail blog.


The export, clean up, and reimport fresh option is usually the easiest way to handle bulk editing of contacts. The problem you'll run into with doing this is if you remove the contacts from your Contact list then anything linked to them will be gone even if you reimport the exact same information. An example would be your chat and google reader shares will ...


I think: deduplicate a table (all rows and columns) based on the values in Column A is not compatible with I only want unique values in column A, but I want all the other data to persist in the other columns, including cells with null values so choosing the latter: =UNIQUE(x:x) might serve where x represents whatever the column ...


Yes, this is possible using an installable trigger, which runs as the user who created the trigger (not as the user at keyboard). Here is a simple example which compares the content of cell A1 in the current sheet with the content of cell A1 in the sheet "Sheet1" of some master spreadsheet. If they match, the background of A1 is set to red. function ...


I found a way to do it: Select Column A and "Insert 1 left" to add a column. Your table data is moved over one to columns B - D. In your newly blank Cell A2, enter formula =IF(COUNTIF($B$2:$B2,B2)=1, "Unique", "Duplicate") Copy the formula from A1 and paste it down the A column range for as far as you have data. The "$" absolute references will ensure ...


As stated by phwd in the other question: You will need Grooveshark Enhancement Suite but it will only remove songs to the best of its ability. Users who name the song incorrectly are not detected. Before: Click remove duplicates in the bottom right hand corner. After removing exact duplicates In the above it was only able to remove one exact ...


Google has an option to 'Find & Merge Duplicates' Try clicking on 'More Actions' when in the contacts view. It is there. This should offer you a quick solution to this.


Nothing built-in. Your best bet is probably to export the data out, de-dupe it yourself, then import it back in.

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