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Yes, it is called OneLook.


For searching by pattern, I use the Regex Dictionary, it's very useful. You can't search in their definition though, but it does your second point really well.


It turns out that the definitions you get from Google actually the definitions of Oxford dictionary. So it's actually because Oxford dictionary doesn't give Google the link to those word: But I don't know why it doesn't link. Apparently those unlinked words exist in Oxford. And I don't know why Google can detect some words such as devoted or vigorous to ...


You can give hypervisor in the Search bar, then select Search Tools. In that, change All results to Dictionary, then you get a neat list of web definitions.


As far as I understand, this is how they changed it: First, you look up the definition using definition: or define: and if you click on ">>More" link placed next to the result, the definiton page opens. At the lower right corner, there is a box called Related Languages (it says: this term is also a word in ...). So when you click on one of them, you can see ...

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