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Open the document in Google Docs Click the [File] menu item Click the [See revision history] option Check the box for the newest revision you want to compare. Scroll down the list and check the box for the oldest revision you want to compare. Click the [Compare checked] button to see the changes between the old and new revision entries you checked. Added ...


You can use to create a git repository mirroring a google doc. In the repository is only one file stored and there is a commit for each Google Drive revision. Then, you can use commands like git log of git diff or graphical tools for showing the diff as described here:


Best online tool I know of: But I prefer using offline tools as online tools get slow with very large pieces of text.


I made my own utility for this purpose, JavaScript Client Side Diff Tool which uses jsdifflib. The main advantage is that it's all JavaScript client code so none of your data is sent across the Internet.

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