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There already exists a standard for signing and encrypting emails call S/MIME. It's supported by most OS native email clients (and gmail with help). Both the sender and receiver have to have each other's public cert for encryption (this public cert is sent with all signed emailed). Only the sender needs a cert to allow for simple non-encrypted email ...


LinkedIn Email Signature - No Longer Supported Customized email signatures can no longer be created on the LinkedIn site. However, you can create an auto-signature from within your email client, and then direct your contacts to your customized public profile URL. Learn how to customize your profile URL. You can customize your public profile URL when you ...


I believe this firefox extension may do what you require:


Hushmail offers end-to-end encrypted & signed PGP email. You can optionally use the Java applet, which ensures that the encryption takes place on your computer. Otherwise the PGP encryption takes place on our servers. Links to further info: Hushmail - Main page Hushmail - Security page Wikipedia entry

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