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If you want free, this configuration might work. Using Email Forwarding, forward all emails to an existing/new gmail account. Ref: You can configure gmail to send outgoing emails from this new address easily too. Ref Use Google API to access the emails and integrate with your .Net application. Ref This is not the simplest solution, but it is free of ...


If you can prove that you are a non-profit, you can get free webhosting. In principle, bluehost offers this, but I don't know how hard it is to prove the nonprofit status with them. I have experience establishing this with Dreamhost and they don't make it difficult. Once you've got your webhosting set up, you can use the cpanel to create email addresses ...


Although this was not supported by Google Apps in the past it is now supported! Note the Customize a Google Apps service address page no longer lists the inability to use secondary domains in the Requirements and restrictions section. I have personally used it and it works 100%.

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