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Google is closing the service called Google Notebook. All documents are automatically imported from this service into Google Docs. If you don't remember using it don't worry about it. You can safely remove this document.


No. Advanced scientific formatting Google docs does support LaTeX. Update: It sucks however. Pass C- Advanced headers and footers GDocs doesn't even support pagination, much less page numbers. Fail publishing as book, pdf, doc PDF: Yes, no options. Book: No. Doc: ish. Fail other stuff which is required for this type of document It's really designed ...


Google hasn't made it publicly known what format they store Google Docs in at this time. The closest I can find to anything official is this post: We do not expose our native formats at this time Google Docs supports importing and exporting in a range of formats (including docx, odt, pdf and html), however they convert going each way to their internal ...


The document will need to be hosted somewhere outside of Facebook. Then, you can post them as links on your wall. Simply copy and paste the URL to the document and it'll show up.


Google uses a proprietary format called “kix”, which was introduced with the then new editor a few years ago. The basic structure of a kix file isn't comparable to structured markup (like docx which is basically a zipped collection of XML files holding content and styles) but rather like a data file which starts with the textual content followed by styling ...


Unfortunately, no, there's not currently a way to directly link to a PDF on SkyDrive. The closest you can get—using the built-in "Share" link—will instead open it in Office365's online Word viewer, for whatever reason. You can almost circumvent this by sharing the document, then, in the viewer, grabbing the URL that you ultimately download the ...


DocsPal allows you to convert, view and share .docx files (even 500+ page files like yours). Don't believe you can link to specific sections of the doc with this web app. Your file:


Google Docs Viewer. You just append the URL of the document to the doc viewer URL, then throw it in an iframe or something. No API needed. Supports PDF, PPT, and TIFF.

2 allows plain text only. The editor isn't great on the iPhone, but works.


You can't directly upload files to your business's page on Facebook. What you can do though is post them to your wall – or – create a tab on the page with links to the PDFs.


Try Simplenote. Also not fancy, but seems reliable.


Microsoft actually released a Facebook integration project with Office 2010 web apps at It basically is a Facebook app that lets you share and collaborate on documents using the online Office 2010 web apps. More information here and here.


For PDFs try PDF2SWF, it's a bit ugly and doesn't support the scroll wheel, but it works and is free. You also have to host it yourself, but that gives you more control and lets you embed files dynamically if you site set-up your site to do that. They have a demo of it here.

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