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Yes, but not in the traditional sense anyway. They provide a Streaming API which opens up the possibility for Remote Applications and Websites/Services to get the music. I would say, give GrooveSquid a try. Alternatively, you can always record music going through your computer. You can try either of these solutions: Audials, OutRec


Try converting the page using the "Save as PDF" Chromium add-on. It converts the chart to vectorised PDF. Next, open it up in Inkscape, which converts the PDF to SVG directly. There you can remove all the messy stuff from the add-on and voilĂ ! You can now save it to PDF again or keep it in SVG.


Unfortunately, no. Your browser doesn't give us the permissions to perform a folder selection when downloading a file, browsers are very restrictive about file system access. The only option here is to change the download folder in the browser options while using draw.

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