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Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but linking to a folder works for me. Go to dropbox.com Click "Share" on the folder you want to share. Click "Send link." Copy the link. Open Trello. Open the card you want to link the Dropbox folder to. Click "Attachment" Paste the link into the "Attach a Link" box (NOT the "Dropbox" menu item). It should add a link to the ...


No. Depending on how you set the preferences. By default - no, but there are ways to circumvent that.


Yes, you can regain storage space by deleting files in your Dropbox. Already deleted files don't count and permanently deleting them will not change anything.


Yes, you regain storage space when you delete files from Dropbox. Also, with Dropbox, if you had lots of pending camera uploads that couldn't be uploaded to your Dropbox because it was full. Once you have cleared some space, those camera uploads will start to be uploaded to your Dropbox again.


The Dropbox "Camera Uploads" feature doesn't work that way. What it does is, when you take a photo, it copies the file to the "Camera Uploads" folder in Dropbox, which then syncs to your Dropbox account like any other file. It's a way to backup your photos, so that if something were to happen to the photo on your phone you'd still have the Dropbox copy. Or, ...

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