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You can create a new folder in your drop box folder in your PC and then move the entire folder to it. Drop box will move all the files and content to the new folder. Then you can simply edit the new folder with a different name.


No it is not possible to share url for images all at once within a folder When you click on the image to share it will fetch the location of a file and will frame the url to download and sharing is up to user's option. This process is handled in program code as single threaded and not as multi-threaded. So it is not possible to share url of more files at ...


In dropbox you are not allowed to share a folder which already has a shared folder in it. To reduce multiple sharing , there is a limitation to not allow this kind of multiple sharing between folders for the users in the company.


I eventually discovered that deleting these 2 special folders on my linux machine, which was syncing to the same Dropbox account, allowed them to be permanently deleted. Not sure why windows Dropbox was determined to keep them, but deleting them on the linux machine synced correctly & deleted them permanently from both machines and online.


You can not disable or clear web console notification. Incase if you wanted to disable desktop notification you can follow the below steps to do so. locate dropbox icon and right click the icon. Click on preferences --> General --> uncheck "Show desktop notification".


So you're asking if you can host a website with Dropbox? Yes. See the unofficial Dropbox wiki. There are also third-party tools that makes Dropbox website hosting simpler, like KISSr.

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