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Users of Google Apps for Education that are able to create classes in Google Classroom could use an assignment as a "file request". Google Classroom works together with Google Drive to manage files. On class creation, a Google Drive folder is created on behalf of the class owner and it's shared with the teacher assistants and with the students. Teachers ...


Google Drive doesn't have a feature like "file request" of DropBox. The closest built-in feature is to transferring the file ownership but this will not add the file to a folder. By using Google Apps Script or Google Drive API you could achieve a similar behaviour. You can see an example of a script that would do that here.


Let me rephrase this for you: I often "upload" old files I don't need anymore in a folder in Google Drive. You can do the same with Dropbox. You can upload files to Dropbox as well. The local files that take up space and are actually present in your computer are the ones in your synched folders. Meaning that you have them stored locally and in Dropbox in ...


Honestly using Dropbox as a repository for your application is probably a bad idea for the following reasons a) It's a consumer product that was designed for consumer usage b) As you've determined you have no idea where the data is stored, so latency will be an issue c) You'll end up paying MUCH more than other cloud storage solutions like Amazon I would ...

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