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No, that's not possible. (Also it makes little sense to disable downloads, if they can view on Dropbox, it's trivial to save it)


The only way to track the download is after creating this link in Orangedox The short answer is yes, you need to create a new share link within Orangedox and use that to share it with your audience; then you'll be able to view the number of times the file was downloaded using that share link. Also note, unlike Dropbox you can create multiple share ...


I mean, is not possible to track the downloads made previously to the creation of this link, is it? Yes I would have to create the link through Orangedox and only after that, I can track the downloads, isn't it? Yes


The download link when download a folder is in a completely different place to the download link to download individual files. The download link when downloading a folder is as the screenshot in the question shows, is bright blue and in the top right. But the download link for downloading files, is black and in the bottom right.

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