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The answer that work for me was the one that alex mention above.. Share it to yourself Take the link paste it to your browser Then you can download the file. My file was 3gb.. and i couldnt download it normaly. It was saying that it was too big...! :)


I tried to append the ?dl=1 to an invite link someone sent me but it didn't work. But this worked for me: Go to parent folder of the shared folder (for me it was dropbox.com/home) Hover over the shared folder row On the right is a drop down labeled "Share" Click Share button, Click "Send Link" menu item Pop up window shows link to share Link is of the ...


The only thing I can think of to do, is if you can play the file, then do a screen record. You may need additional software.


Because iWork "files" aren't actually files, they're packages. And a package in OS X is a folder with some special flag that lets OS X recognise it as a package. Other systems (e.g. DropBox) don't recognise this and just treat it as a folder. To see what's inside a package in OS X, right-click on the package in Finder and select "Show Package Contents".

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