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You may want to consider adding ?raw=1 to the end of the linkā€”the browser will treat it as a direct link to the file and behave however the end user's system is configured to access that type of file.


Try unlinking the device by clicking the x next to that device in the Security tab of your account settings. Source: Dropbox support: Security and Privacy


Dropbox has released an extension for Chrome that allows you to save attachments to Dropbox and to insert links to Dropbox files into new messages. Here's the link to the extension: Dropbox for Gmail And here's a link to the Dropbox help article detailing the extensions and how to troubleshoot it if something goes wrong: What is the Dropbox Gmail ...


To answer your questions Yep you can know your overall download count aggregated monthly, the counter does not reset but you will need at least a Pro account to see more than 60 days history Dropbox nor Orangedox doesn't terminate share links, however if you move the files within your Dropbox folders the links will stop working (since they are tied to a ...


I think you cannot use Office 365 with Dropbox Pro. I have a suggestion for you: You can download Dropbox desktop sync version and install onto your PC. After installation of Dropbox desktop sync you'll see the folder under "My Computer" on left-hand side. Create folder on it called "office". Then create your Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc. files and save in ...


Have to disagree with Sathya. It does make sense in a number of cases. For example, I might provide an Excel spreadsheet so that everyone can see a forecast within Dropbox but disable downloading so that they cannot see the personnel data within the spreadsheet. Yes, I know that you can password protect the spreadsheet, or that you can save the ...

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