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I just launched GoodScout. It monitors eBay in realtime but we are taking more of a product approach to monitoring. This allows us to get our users higher quality notifications within seconds of items being listed. For example if you want to monitor the Apple iPhone 6 Plus you can search our Product Catalog click Add Scout. On the next page you can select ...


I wouldn't really recommend contacting people outside of eBay—the restrictions are there for a reason! :) However, you could use http://scr.im or http://tinymailto.com/ which converts your email in to a standard HTTP URL. e.g. from this: myname.longlastname@my.university.example.net to this: http://tinymailto.com/abcd They also offer the ...


Write your email backward says smashgods.com: moc.ilamtoh@nhoj Another idea: ig-pay atin-lay? omeone-say otmail-hay om-cay? Or, direct the person to a contact form on your website.

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