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Lots of places. Links: (I'd actually link them, but not allowed to post that many yet) (one time) (one time) (Quickbooks, Both) (one time) (Both; can't figure out how to sign up for a new account on their new site, though.) (Both) www....


The answer is "Yes". I little bit of google reveals this: Can I return a Groupon? Read this, and then if you want, give us a call: (877) 788-7858. And, Second, we have The Groupon Promise: if Groupon ever lets you down, we’ll return your purchase—simple ...


To show a warning note on a return merchandise authorization (RMA) form that only appears if the order was placed after the store's time limit for returns is, add a Date input field to the form and label it "Date of Purchase", then in the Date Field's Show Custom Error setting select "When" and add the following Custom Expression: =DateOfPurchase<...


A list of gateways I found, sorted by country: I get the impression that Authorize.Net is the most popular one, starting at $20/month or something like that. Would probably be a good fit with .


Check out My eStore App (; it's a plug and play estore module that integrates with paypal. It doesn't require an install or database setup or maintenance. It's a free service; they provide lifetime updates too. There is no learning curve required. You can set up a shop right on your site in just a few minutes. It's plug and play.


How about Spree? Also, Bitnami has a Spree installer, if you need it.

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