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LaTeX Lab (which is still in active development) is an online TeX editor and renderer, using the Google Apps framework. It works much like Google Docs does for WYSIWYG text editing, but with LaTeX. It is planned to eventually have sharing features like Google Docs as well, and already integrates with your Google account. I've used it a bit, and like it quite ...


There is an open source in browser editor called CodeMirror. It doesn't hace an xsl parser, but you can add one. It does have an xml/html and an xquery parser


Here's an answer, though you might not like it: http://support.google.com/drive/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=2494892 Once you transfer ownership of a file, you lose ownership for yourself. You effectively change the doc from something you own to something that was "shared with you." There is no way to downgrade a user back to editor unless you contact ...


For me, such feature was so obvious, that it can't be even more obvious. I was rather to think, that I'm going to get quick answer here, that it has already be implemented and I'm just missing some configuration stuff to enable it. I mean, how does GitHub survived that long, without this feature? Since, there was no answer here, I reported this to GitHub. ...

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