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Here's another method, which also allows to forward to any email inside and outside of the organization, without creating an account: Apps > Google Apps > Gmail > Advanced settings Routing > Recipient address map Hover and click CONFIGURE on the right The dialog is very simple, don't think it warrants a step-by-step.


If you control the destination account, you can connect both the new account and the Gmail account to a mail client via IMAP. Then drag the 37 messages from the Gmail account to the new account.


I wrote the Mail Forwarder add-on for Google Sheets that can also help you forward old emails in Gmail to any other email address.


You can add the gmail account (or any other account, like hotmail) in Outlook as a further account, mapped through IMAP. It will show up as a further inbox, you can then select and drag-'n-drop all the emails in one step from one of the Inboxes (or 'Sent' boxes) to any other. Be aware that it takes a bit of time, as the moving (or copying, if you hold down ...


There really isn't a simple solution. For 37 messages, I'd almost certainly just do them one at a time. It couldn't possibly take more than a half hour. One other option might be to use Google Takeout to download all the mail messages with a certain label. The messages will be in MBOX format, and many email clients can import that without issue.

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