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I solved this by using Slack's WebHook integration and let it call a litle PHP script I wrote. The script takes the information and mails it. The script is really simple and its on Github.


There are two sides to every email exchange. Your outbound server needs to allow an extra large attachment, the inbound server also has to allow it. It does you no good if the attachment is stripped or the message is blocked and it never get to the recipient. For organizations where the mail remains on the server, they don't want to keep the large ...


I do not know about a single service which will do what you want but you can achieve the requested functionality using a combination of at least two free services. IFTTT and send using Gmail In IFTT the Gmail action allows you to add an attachment to the email from a specified URL. You can chose various triggers as a way to deliver the URL to IFTTT: Date ...

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