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I was looking for the answer to this which I couldn't find anywhere so will help you since I figured it out myself. In gmail click COMPOSE To the right in the TO column click on BCC another BCC field opens up, click on that to reveal SELECT CONTACTS choose the appropriate group SELECT ALL and then blue SELECT at the bottom. All contacts will show up in BCC ...


I like this answer from Quora: Currently, the way I've been doing it is by generating two MD5 checksums of "heads+" and "tails+" and giving the two checksums to the other person. They pick one and then I disclose both phrases so they can verify which side was chosen.


I did an exact-phrase search through the Craigslist help desk forum archives for the query [ "after 6 months" ]. I found that an anonymous forum poster reports: Emails just vanished after 6 months, according to my correspondent (we had already exchanged alternate addresses). No bounce. My own experimentation with replying to very old threads indicates ...


You can use Thunderbird to edit and send email messages from your Gmail account. Here's an extension called Header Tools Lite that helps you modify the header info in your email message.


I have created a site just for this purpose called https://www.MyTweetAlerts.com. You can set up email alerts based on your custom criteria.


Specifically as to your question, there is no way to make LinkedIn 'forget' the data. When you agree to sync your email connections, LinkedIn then sends one email to every address in your email contacts (even if you once sent an email asking for a refund on something - the system has no way of knowing who is and who is not important to you). After this first ...


I made a similar script, it checks for "Received From:", you can add as many domains as necessary in the domains variable. //without http:// etc, just domain-name.com or domainname.com .... var domains = [ 'secureserver.net', ]; //This is not the best solution, a better solution would be to add a filter like this for example => From: #domainname.com ...

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