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A few things to double check: Are you clicking in the list of folders on the left immediately after you sign in? Also, are you sure you're logged in as the same user that originally created those folders? I have no idea if the French site is the same as the one English users are presented with-- I even selected the Junk Mail folder and still had the option ...


When you click the checkbox to select all the emails the email content window displays a menu which includes the buttons of options for the selected emails which has a header counting the number of selected emails. You can find the selection url for all the emails just below this header which reads as "Select everything in your Inbox folder".


From the support page which explains the rules of the Inbox for the Outlook Web App: Create Inbox rules in Outlook Web App to automatically perform specific actions on messages as they arrive, based on your criteria. For example, you can create a rule to automatically move all mail sent to a group you're a member of to a specific folder. To manage rules: ...


An alternative is to use a desktop application e.g. "Thunderbird" to aggregate all your accounts into one client then use "message filters" to define rules. Doing it this way you can filter all mail even from separate accounts into a single folder.


You can set filters in Outlook to do what you need. will be a good starting point.


To enable Follow by Email, click the Add a Gadget link from the Design -> Page Elements tab, and then select the Follow by Email gadget which should be at the top of the list. Once you add the gadget, readers visiting your blog can then just enter their email address and click Submit.


Most of the answers suggested using the Report a Problem tool, but after submitting that form it said they don't guarantee a response, which pretty much meant it's not a support option and I'm still on my own. Then I found a help page that seemed relevant: I don't receive notifications for new messages. If you aren't getting notifications when you ...


Install Boomerang extension so that you can send the email as and when you want. Check out this tutorial about how to install extension and use it to schedule emails in your gmail.


I'd suggest that you sign up with Google for Government: Any Gmail-based approach will likely always face the problem you describe.

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