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The Google Labs tab now has a "Quote Selected Text" extension. When enabled, if you highlight the text you want to quote before hitting Reply, the compose box will come up bottom-post-wise, and minus the entire quoted thread that you didn't select. As of this writing, there's no blank line between the attribution ("On Monday, muhuk wrote:") and the quoted ...


Select Print email and it will open the link in a new window, where you can see all the source code.


You can use Markdown in Gmail using Gmelius. See


You'll need to check what's appearing in the X-Apparently-To header. On the email message: Click "More" Select "View Full Header" Full header popup will appear There should be a recognisable email address in the "X-Apparently-To" line which will point to which email address was originally used to sign up for that mailing list or group email. This ...

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