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Ok, apparently all it took was updating the name in my Google Contacts, which apparently uses the e-mail address as the primary key :-/ Never used Google Contacts before, so I completely missed that.


Update: You say that you've purchased the URL from a domain registrar - but if i go to that URL, it redirects to http://www.xn--associazionecreattivit-z2b.it/ If that is the correct behaviour, then you should quote http://www.xn--associazionecreattivit-z2b.it as the URL. (Background: it seems that Italian registrars have found a way to sell URLs ...


Microsoft outlook works well and will do it through any email you choose


I just set this up a few minutes ago to send mail from my primary (personal) Gmail account as my secondary email address (an academic email) that uses Google Apps (e.g. youremail@googleappsdomain.com) Just make sure you enter the following information during setup: SMTP server : smtp.gmail.com Username : youremail@googleappsdomain.com Port : 587 ...


I would set them all up to forward to the main account that you wish to keep. Then any mail sent to any of those accounts would only go to the one that you'll be checking every day. Thus, all of your contacts would be in the same place and people who may not have an updated record of your main email address would still be able to reach you. See this link ...

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