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I have created a site just for this purpose called https://www.MyTweetAlerts.com. You can set up email alerts based on your custom criteria.


Specifically as to your question, there is no way to make LinkedIn 'forget' the data. When you agree to sync your email connections, LinkedIn then sends one email to every address in your email contacts (even if you once sent an email asking for a refund on something - the system has no way of knowing who is and who is not important to you). After this first ...


If you want to share emails without having to forward them one by one, you can use the Labelizer. Simply create a label and specify with whom you want to share it! Assign the label to selected emails and you are ready to share! With just a few clicks you can also share your contacts with others. Modifications will be synchronised automatically for each ...


I made a similar script, it checks for "Received From:", you can add as many domains as necessary in the domains variable. //without http:// etc, just domain-name.com or domainname.com .... var domains = [ 'secureserver.net', ]; //This is not the best solution, a better solution would be to add a filter like this for example => From: #domainname.com ...


Ok, apparently all it took was updating the name in my Google Contacts, which apparently uses the e-mail address as the primary key :-/ Never used Google Contacts before, so I completely missed that.


Update: You say that you've purchased the URL from a domain registrar - but if i go to that URL, it redirects to http://www.xn--associazionecreattivit-z2b.it/ If that is the correct behaviour, then you should quote http://www.xn--associazionecreattivit-z2b.it as the URL. (Background: it seems that Italian registrars have found a way to sell URLs ...


Microsoft outlook works well and will do it through any email you choose

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