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I figured out a way to export your starred locations. Go to your account settings Click on the section titled "Data Tools" Click Select data to download "Create an Archive" Check "Bookmarks" "Create Archive" Download and you're done! You'll get an HTML file with all the locations as addresses that are linked to the Google Maps.


Found the answer here http://webapps.stackexchange.com/a/21639/19021 It is the command-line tool Got-your-back. Authenticates with your gmail account to download results of any search query of your email to .eml files. I just downloaded 4 years of receipts from a vendor I use with this: gyb --email johnny5@gmail.com --search "widgets inc" --local-folder ...


Seems that when importing into Excel some of that information is being misplaced or lost. Try to change the separator. Maybe some fields have the separator within, therefore confusing the importer. Also, try to import section by section.

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