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I found that the drive Google Drive client can download a folder structure that contains Google Docs exported as PDF (and some other formats as well). drive pull -export pdf /path/to/folder


You can use Ben Foxall's Last.fm to CSV exporter, which will fetch the pages of your history and save it in CSV format. The code is available on Github if you want to incorporate into a JS project.


The best way to do this is to just select the cells you want to save as CSV, paste it into notepad, then find/replace tab with a comma.


I just spent some time searching through Google Drive apps for one that would convert Docs editor formats into PDF, but I came up empty-handed. (That said, Drive apps are always a good place to start looking if you need a feature that Drive itself does not include or, in this case, no longer includes.) I had no idea that Google had altered its whole ...


https://helgeklein.com/blog/2015/02/extracting-all-email-addresses-from-a-gmail-label/ Full instuctions on the site: Script is based in a google spreadsheet. Type the label in B1 (it will tell you...) Run script. Do something else. Took about 10 mintues to find 2000 addresses in 15 GB of gmail.

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