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The whole point about the warning is to give you an informed choice about whether you should install the extension. Presumably some (most?) people don't realise that browser extensions might do more than what the maker tells you they will do. In theory a malicious extension could, for want of a better word, snoop on your banking/credit card ...


TwitterFall can do this. Just log-in using the button on the left and then check timeline on the same panel.


I have found another extension, named Restrict access by category and group. It works like a charm, nice and simple documentation, easy to use. And.. it seems to work!


This Chrome extension automatically stops autoplay at Youtube but keeps on buffering. It's possible to open several tabs without the need to pause each one of them. The greatest drawback is that it will also pause playlists.


You can use the extension you mentioned. Go to the options Select Filtering Select your name Add all types you want to apply And select "Move to Tab" Save your settings and refresh. You should get the following.


I think what you need is a service to manage your contacts and feed them into Google Contacts. I use MemoToo to manage all of my contacts and to make sure I do not have dups between losts of services including Facebook, LinkedIn and others. You can read my post on how to make sure all your contacts are in sync.

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