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After giving it a go myself, I'm doing an 'answer my own question' for the benefit of anyone else wondering the same. 1. Other people finding you Still working this out. Will update the answer as I go. 2. You finding other people Add phone number method: The primary mechanism to add a new contact is to enter the phone number associated with a full ...


Facebook will recognise the number and tell you to either: "Log in with Facebook" (thus connecting your full account) or "Continue signing up" (which will keep your new Messenger identity separate, and you will go on to enter a first name, last name, and optionally a photo). If you do this separate phone number sign up, and you search for your own name ...


No there is no direct way to do so. Alternatively you can turn off chat on messenger then you will not see 'Active Now' status of your contacts. Note: When you turn chat off, you'll still get your messages, but people won't see a green small circle (online symbol) next to your name, and you won't appear in the Active tab.


As long as you have the message link you should be able to access the history up to the point you left the group. There is no way to re-join without someone adding you back via native/API or otherwise.

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