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From the press release: The roll out is going to be slow so we can see how people use Graph Search and make improvements. and How are you rolling this out? Graph Search is in a limited preview, or beta. That means Graph Search will only be available to a very small number of people who use Facebook in US English. How can I get Facebook ...


This is partially true. Facebook Graph Search is still available. It seems to not display for long queries and also for correct queries (fuzzy searches seem to be dropping) and favouring post searches instead. People who work at Facebook (not People who work in Facebook) People who work at Facebook and live in Ireland Future events named Carnival ...


No, this is not possible. You will need to manually add specified friends to a search query. For example, Posts liked by Boz or liked by Mark Zuckerberg


It's not possible using Facebooks own web user interface. You could probably do it via a custom developed FB API application, or Greasemonkey script. UPDATE 7th May 2015 Since I wrote this comment, Facebook have released "Graph Search", this allows you to query Facebook's massive database using English queries. Try typing what you are looking for into ...

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