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Pages have stats but groups do not. I suspect the best way is a manual review of when things are posted, and what gets the biggest likes, or the trial and error way of posting things at different times and analyzing which times give you the best results.


Yes, it is possible to tag a Facebook group in a post. Below are instructions: Step 1 Log into your Facebook account and then navigate to the item you'd like to update with a tag. Click on the "Comment" hyperlink beneath a status or image posting to tag a Facebook user in the post's comments sections. To tag a group to your status, click inside of your ...


group chat is usually created by admin who managed the groups and they can add the friends as per their wishes.To remove from the group chat, (i) You can go to the conversation of the group and click on cogwheel icon (ii)Now select Leave conversation.This would remove from the group chat and it would be notified. If you send message,All the participant in ...

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