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No, there is no way to restore a deleted photo from a Facebook page. Once it's deleted, it's gone. https://www.facebook.com/help/208547132518386


You essentially answered the question yourself, this is a privacy concern and Facebook will not share this data. Facebook even has given an official support answer on this question here. I will also copy their response in below: Thanks for your question. Posts about a Page respect the privacy settings of the people who create them. Page admins won't ...


You would need to do the following: Authorize a group user with user_managed_groups (keep in mind that he must be a group admin) and publish_actions. Create a cron job to read the Page feed or (better) use the Realtime API to get the latest Page posts and post them to the group with the group feed endpoint. Btw, you need a User Token for this. Extended ...

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