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This boils down to the visibility of actions taken on Facebook. Likes and Comments on public posts are visible publicly. All of them will show up on your Page’s post. Shares have their own visibility setting, specified by the person who shared the post. If you are unable to view the shared post, then that action will not be visible to you on your own post. ...


No, it will not be notified to the admin. And there is no official way to check who hides the comment. When he/she hides a comment, it is just hidden from his/her view, others can still see it. Comment will be visible to the person who wrote it and their friends.


Generally it takes 48 hours to 1 week. And you will receive notification once it get verified. Sometimes it takes more time and sometimes you will never receive any communication from Facebook. It totally depends on what kind of page you have and what information you are providing. If they find it genuine they will verify your page and you will get a ...

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