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This sounds like a security settings issue. It could be that your post security is set to friends only, or that the page owner has their page security set that way.


Okay, so there are a few ways... One, under the "liked" button on page is a drop down menu. Users clicking "notifications" under that can specify what they receive from the page. The only other real way to do this, through Facebook, alone, is through paying for advertising, now... Facebook has unethically strangled organic reach so that page admins have to ...


To Create a customized link in Facebook you have to take just three steps: You need to have a Facebook page id (the page you want to open) Your post text A shortcode as shown below @[Your Page Id:0] Your Post Text @@[0:[Your Page Id:1:continue reading…]] Find your pageId and replace the text "Your Page Id" in the shortcode above. Note: This trick ...

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