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Here is a way you can see your old post. Click on View Activity Log on your profile. Click on Your Posts on left hand side. Click on Year from right hand side (for you its 5 years ago). Scroll down to see the post. It will show the all your activity in descending order. So if you know month, you can directly go to there by scrolling down. There is a ...


Go to your timeline. Click on View Activity Log. Scroll down a little bit. Now you will see years in right hand side. Click on a particular year and it will show you all your activity month wise for that year starting from December. If you only want see your posts, select Your Posts from left hand side options and then select year from right hand side. ...


Mouse and click method Go to your timeline Scroll down a bit The menu below appears, just select a year and a month: URL method Replace your id and the year/month then paste it in your browser:<yourfacebookid>/timeline/2009/12

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