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As explained in the comments, multiple photo posting at the time was only available to the user's own timeline not friends (which can only post one at a time) Another way to achieve this will be to post to your own timeline and tag the friend in the message body based on the friend tag review settings it will appear on his/her timeline as well.


Unless you've posted to your timeline as Public, your membership to a group doesn't influence who sees your timeline posts(unless you've added them as a friend).


This is something that can only be solved by a Facebook employee. It sounds like a bug in the system. You will need to file a bug at https://www.facebook.com/help Other methods temporarily you can try to see if it isolated to just desktop https://m.facebook.com Facebook for mobile (iPhone/Android/etc)


Diaspora will need read_stream permission as a third party application which they will not be approved, This permission is granted to apps building a Facebook-branded client on platforms where Facebook is not already available. For example, Android and iOS apps will not be approved for this permission. In addition, Web, Desktop, in-car and TV apps will ...

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