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Facebook has added the function "Include Original Post" now.


No. Per this post in the Facebook Help community from a verified Facebook Help Team member, this feature is not available. Is there a "on this day" archives you can search for previous posts you have made? I can only view todays "one this day" provided in my notifications and can not search previous "on this day" that have been previously provided. ...


You cannot delete it. However, you can hide it. Go to Activity Log> find that post (should be on bottom). If you see an icon in the right-hand side of the "post": Solution: click on it, and choose "only me" (you may need to click on a "view more" option to see it). If you don't see an icon, tap on the "post" (or, on a PC, hover over it with your mouse - ...


When Facebook doesn't show your join date in the timeline, your friends can't view it but you can view it from an archive file. See How to view your Facebook join date?

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