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The setting you're looking for is actually on the Privacy tab in your settings. Change it from "Everyone" to "Friends", and only people who you are in your Friends list will be able to find you by your phone number.


From the Facebook Help-Center regarding your Facebook Web Address, this is the section that is relevant to your issue: What are the guidelines around creating a custom username for my Page or profile? Here are a few things to keep in mind when you create a custom username: You can't claim a username someone else is already using. Choose a ...


Probably he has blocked you. So you are not able to find him, but from another account or any other account which is not blocked by him, you will be able to find him. When a user block someone, blocked user can not find that user and can not see any activity from that user on Facebook.


Yes, but not directly from Facebook and without the RSVP-on-Facebook Function. There are three possible workarounds: On the event-detail-page, on the right side under the cover, press the menu-button (ยทยทยท) next to the invite-button. Choose "Export Event" and you will download an ics-file (this is an iCalender-file). Then you could write your ...


You cannot. You can only change the username for your personal profile once. If you have a really, really, good reason you might try to ask a question on their support forum, but I wouldn't get my hopes up.


Facebook will recognise the number and tell you to either: "Log in with Facebook" (thus connecting your full account) or "Continue signing up" (which will keep your new Messenger identity separate, and you will go on to enter a first name, last name, and optionally a photo). If you do this separate phone number sign up, and you search for your own name ...


No, currently there is no option to invite non-Facebookers. But you can invite non friends on Facebook by typing their name in 'invite' section. (Change the privacy from 'invite only' to 'open invite', after inviting you can again change the privacy. The people you've invited will still see the invite.)

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