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Use Facebook Graph API /{user-id}/friendlists edge to read the list id, then use /{friendlist-id}/members edge to read its list of members and save it into a text editor. Join the two results into one, then use the same API to either create a new list or update one of the two lists with the new members.


Zapier has a recipe that can do this. I've just set it up and tested it and it seems to work well. It creates a new Facebook Page Event when a new Google Calendar entry is created. So far, I've only got it triggering when a new event is created in G Cal, but it might be possible to get it to go through the G Cal diary and transfer existing events. Recipe ...


I don't now that this is conclusive (eg applies in general) but the top right corner of the first link in the OP has: and the second: so it seems the Create Page or Join Group may be the indication required.

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