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If you can access other sites, check Down For Everyone this will tell you whether it's just your connection to the site or a general problem with the site. Alternatively, you can use something like the WhyDown service (which is itself currently down), it has a similar functionality, but also tries to diagnose the source of a problem, answering the "why?" ...

6 pings a website you specify from 50 locations across the world & displays the status & round trip time. There are also a bunch of other online tools to check availability & performance issues.


Don't know if this is the one you're referring to, but we have been looking into UserVoice, which can outsource feature requests, "Feedback", and "Helpdesk" for your site. I like the fact that it resembles Stack Exchange. :)


If it's a website of a decent size, and it's down, you're certainly not the only one who sees the problem. See who might be complaining about it on Twitter: If you're afraid that the site has closed down without alerting you, again if it's a fairly large site it will be noticed. Try a web search for "<sitename> ...

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