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twitterfeed seems promising, although I haven't tried it yet. It even lets you manage the format of the tweets and supports post filters. There are also a few plugins for Wordpress such as WP to Witter and WordTwit. For you can use Publicize which is included by default.


You can follow the Signpost by watching the page Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/Issue. It's updated whenever a new issue of the Signpost is published. And that also means you can use the Atom feed for the history of that page: (Alternatively use feed=...


It appears that the only practical option is to click the link to unsubscribe that comes with each e-mail message. However, you might be able to contact the owner of the RSS feed and ask them to manually remove you. You'll want to do so from the same e-mail address you want removed or you're likely to be ignored.


Turns out, iTunes completely ignores the MIME type, and is dependent upon the .mp3 file extension in the URL. Adding the extension fixes the feed.


If you need Feedburner to link to the correct post, change your <guid> tag to one that matches what you already have in the <link> tag. <link></link> <guid isPermalink="true"></guid> That should make Feedburner have its rewriting of links back to your ...


Have you tried replying back with "unsubscribe" -- it's a long shot but commonly the old school way of doing things.


That's the URL for feeds that are powered by Feedburner. It offers a bunch of tools for the publisher, like number of subscribers, clickthroughs, etc. Unless the publisher offers the original (or an alternate) feed there isn't a way to get around it. For blogs powered by WordPress, you can try adding /feed/ to the blog URL (, ...

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