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PDF Converter does exactly what you're looking for. You can upload any file to convert to pdf for free. If you have to send more than one file, simply zip them all, send it as a zip file and when everything is ready, they will notify you via e-mail.


Adobe have an online tool for this under the Acrobat.com brand, there is a free plan if you want to try it out first http://createpdf.adobe.com/ I've also used http://www.freefileconvert.com/ in the past to quickly convert files and have been happy with their service


Google Docs can perform an OCR scan on-the-fly. It will create, from a PDF for example, a google doc file. See reference: Google Drive; OCR


More of a SuperUser answer than a WebApps answer, but Microsoft's free Powerpoint viewer app apparently works in WINE under Linux, it should have a print option that you can then point to your PDF printer, have you tried that?


A non fully web apps answer would be: Painstakingly upload your material five files at a time to Office Live. Load each file. From File pick Print. Print using your locally installed PDF printer


Though not a web application, you could download a plugin such as CutePDF that enables you to print to PDF. In order to convert the entire document, you must select the highest level book, click print, and choose Print the selected heading and all subtopics. From there, I believe you can customize headers and footers to be added to the final PDF.

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