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Upload it to a website and send them a link. For example: Dropbox (in a public or shared folder) Google Drive NearlyFreeSpeech (paid) Amazon S3 (paid) If you upload it to a public service (e.g. a Dropbox public folder) and it's important that it's kept confidential, encrypt it with 7-Zip.


since you have an google account already, there is no need to add another hoster for your data: upload the file to as described here and share it.


I've experienced this problem very many times. Thankfully, there are a few good solutions. They all involve using file-sharing services. Some of the ones I'm about to list have already been mentioned, but I want to compare them in detail. Hightail (previously YouSendIt) - upload via the website; up to 50MB; not a lot of control in the free plan; paid ...


7-Zip also has the ability to save an archive into multiple chunks, and you can specify the size of the chunks.


Don't do it. It is: Inefficient (MIME encoding bloats the files like 30%) Insecure Likely to cause problems for people (ie. you're going to hose your friend's work account who is on Exchange 2003 with a 200MB mailbox that's almost full). There's just no good reason for file attachments larger than 25MB.


Try GE.TT No Flash is required, Easy Transfer of files.


If you're on a mac I really like CloudApp. Drag the file to the menu bar icon and the URL is automatically copied to your clipboard. Paste it in the email and send.


Lots of players in this space but offers 2GB of space in exchange for your email address. Its currently flash based only.

2 Simple and Free!


I don't know anything that does exactly what you want, but I recently came across AirDropper, which let's you request files by email, and the users don't have to sign up for anything. They just upload the file and it will be dropped in your Dropbox.


You can split the file using tools like GSplit. But, we still have the pain of uploading. To avoid that trouble, the only way is to host your local PC as a server using tools like HFS. (Google it. I am a new user and unable to add more than a link in a post. Sigh). Anyway, running server requires some level of configuration and your Internet connection ...


Upload the file to Rapidshare and send the link (generated by Rapidshare) to the recipient.


You can send files up to 2GB at Sprend and it'll also send an email-address notifying where to download the file.


You can try Ipswitch Sendable. There's a free trial that allows you to send up to 250 MB, and paid services with limits of 5GB and 15GB per file / month.

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