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Yes, it is possible. First, Change the directory permission to public in which your mp3 files reside. Copy the folder Id, that will be at the end of url when you are inside the directory. It will be something like this 0C2QKl-TsV6cVTE7wbWNOelRiRlk Next you can access the mp3 files using ...


I found out that you can do this with Google Docs, using File → Publish to the Web.


In the web-client, right click the folder and go to shared folder options. Here you can leave folder.


Sounds like something you can probably do with the Zapier Google Drive integrations. In particular you might check out this person has created a Zap template that does basically that.


The information that you are giving us is the link to the folder - not the link to the individual files within that folder. That is why "anyone with the link" can get to the folder, but cannot get to items witin it, ie because they do not have the links to the items in the folder. Arguably this is a silly distinction: if you want "anyone with the link" to ...

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