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Yes. Open the document then click the blue "Share" button at the top. It will open a dialog that lists who the document is shared with and lets you share with more people. If you click the "Advanced" link in this dialog, it will open a larger dialog that gives more details and controls on who you're sharing the document with and what permissions they each ...


Deleting it simply moves it to the trash where collaborators may still access the file. If, however, you click the "trash" link and "delete forever" on the item in question, it is no longer accessible by collaborators.

3 states that a search in Drive for is:unorganized owner:me returns orphaned items that you own. Note that it returns the top-level folder if a folder hierarchy has been orphaned. From there you can use Move... to add item en masse to your own Drive.


Don't know if this still helps anybody, but this can be done. With an “anybody with the link can view the file” link: prefix the file ID with uc?id= and append it with &export=download So it would look like this:


1 Yes. You need to provide links from a file-host. Possibly Google Drive can be used (I'm not 100% sure if Drive takes rar/zip files). But whatever file host you use, you need to get the link to the file from it, and put that link into your blog with the post editor or HTML-widget editor. 2 Monitor it using whatever tools your file host provides. ...


You can create a shared folder -- shared between the two accounts -- and put everything into it. But that won't automatically handle everything that other people share with one of your accounts. If your need is to get all newly shared files into the account that you sync locally with GDrive, will it suffice to sync your school account? If not, try writing ...


I would do the following: Move all your folders on the google drive location so they are all in one folder like so: before (on top) After (bottom image) Notice in the second image how only the folder 'google drive' is in the drive folder. Also, all the files/folders in the original drive place are in the new folder. This way, you will be able to ...


If you share an MP3 by link, you obtain a link like this where XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is the ID of your MP3 file. Then you can obtain a direct link to this audio by In particular you can use <audio controls> <...

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