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Now there is a app named MultCloud could do this. https://www.multcloud.com Site mentions “Combine free space all together to form a larger space” (and, since mention of free, the app itself is also) and “Doesn't need logging into multiple cloud accounts, MultCloud will combine these cloud drives together to manage just by logging once, and easily access ...


Sounds like something you can probably do with the Zapier Google Drive integrations. In particular you might check out this person has created a Zap template that does basically that.


The information that you are giving us is the link to the folder - not the link to the individual files within that folder. That is why "anyone with the link" can get to the folder, but cannot get to items witin it, ie because they do not have the links to the items in the folder. Arguably this is a silly distinction: if you want "anyone with the link" to ...

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