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While it's not possible to put in line breaks, since the columns / cards are fixed width, you can easily work around this limitation by just adding some white space until you fill in the line and the text naturally jumps to the next line. Normal spaces will get ignored though, so go for something like ideographic space (just grab it from inside these square ...


In the edit box press (do not release Alt button while you are pressing numbers): Alt + (in numpad) 255 after you release the Alt button, it will create a white space. Copy that and use as much you need. Source.


Issues with Outlook HTML Rendering and Gmail I consider myself an email power user and for what seems forever my emails sent from Gmail have looked terrible in Outlook. I have tried every tweak, font change, setting, copy paste or other fix in Gmail and the Gmail fonts still look bad in outlook. I really believe I have a universal fix. It is a work arount ...


In Yammer groups, if you post an "Announcement" you get the option to give it some basic formatting, but if you post an "Update" then it's in unformatted text. So, yes, there is a way to do it after all.

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