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Yet another option: Add this, from the menu option Format, under Number>More Formats>Custom number format... "+"#


Another way to do this using formulas is to add another row next to the one that you want to change into text. After you do this, inside the row, add =TEXT(G17,"+00000"). Then copy the formula down to the rows beneath it. Once you have done this, hide the row with the old numbers (Which should still be as a formula). This should make it so that the ...


In Google Spreadsheets (or Google Sheets as they seem to be calling it now) there are two good options. Append a single quote to the beginning. For example with the phone number +1 415 655 1234 you would enter '+4156551234. This will be displayed in the Sheet at +4156551234. It will also export to a CSV as +4156551234 with out the ' which is extremely ...


I'm afraid this is more answering "do you have any idea?" rather than giving a solution. The primary issue here is your locale, as mentioned in your comment on the question. Custom number formats are not agnostic to the locale-specific number formats. In the case of the UK locale, commas are regarded as thousands separators, and periods are regarded as ...


You need to add more decimals. Screenshot


If you want good readability and fidelity to the original form, use #foo_Bar_baz; If you want good searchability, check which form is preexisting and use the same if the occurrences is somewhat significant.

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