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It does not appear to be possible to update the default style for links in your Google doc. This is because Google docs does not treat links as styles. This is understandable, as a link might be applied within text formatted with any other style (e.g., Heading 1, normal text, etc.) If you try highlighting a link and checking the context menu, note that the ...


The following custom number format mask will produce the desired results without losing the accuracy of the underlying value. [>999999]0.0,,\M;[>999]0.0,\K;0       


You can add a Code style to your template (Template / Customize / Advanced / CSS). But you cannot add the value to the drop-down menu in the post editor's Compose mode. Instead, to use the style you need to switch to HTML mode, and apply it manually with something like <div class="yourClassName"> your paragraph of code </div>


When this happens to me, I can usually view the message text by zooming out (CTRL-). I can then click on the message options menu (down-arrow at top right of message) and select "Message text garbled", which opens a new window with just the text version of the message (not the html version). For more detail, select "Show original".


Highlight the word you want to center. Press the button in-between left and right align. The center button has a long line, then a short line, then a long line, then a short line, then a long line, and finally, a short line.

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