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The solution, as I understand it, is as follows. By setting a FILTER formula (array & condition) you create the first step, the "what are we looking for, specifically" then that formula gets wrapped in a SUM formula which adds the array values. So, in the case above =SUM(FILTER(B:B,A:A="June")) this formula is looking for the values, all of them, in ...


This is what the command VLOOKUP is for. Put in C1 =VLOOKUP(A1, Sheet2!A:C, 3, FALSE) and drag down the row. Here, A1 is the entry to search for Sheet2!A:C is the range in which the first column (A) is to be searched 3 is the column number from which to take the result (that is, C) FALSE requires exact match, and does not assume the keys are sorted in ...

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