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This formula will do the job: =regexextract(A1;"@(.*)") If no @ is found, the original value is shown. The =regexextract function (documentation) executes the regular expression parameter (@(.*)) against the value of cell A1, and returns the matching group.


I would use the following formula to obtain an URL. Formula =IF(ISEMAIL(A2), REGEXEXTRACT(A2,"@(.+)"), IF(ISURL(A2), A2, IF(ISURL(REGEXEXTRACT(A2,"@(.+)")), REGEXEXTRACT(A2,"@(.+)"), "No valid entry" ) ) ) Copy / Paste ...


I used this to solve my problem. =IF(ISTEXT(VLOOKUP($A6,responses!$D:$M,3, FALSE)),"Yes","No")


It looks like there is a hidden built-in function ISFORMULA() from Google. I realized when I deleted my own function and was still working. I tried it in a new spreadsheet and still works. No cache issue.

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