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There is a difference between the string of characters "100103" and the number 100103. Your workshops tab contains numbers. regexextract returns a string. To make things work, convert string to number using value after regexextract: =arrayformula(iferror(value(regexextract(regexextract(F2:F, "ID#\d+"), "\d+"))))


This can be done with the following script: set a trigger "on form submit" for this function. The customizable parameters are: the column number where to insert Id, and the initial Id. The function uses Script Properties to keep track of the used Id, so they will not be repeated. function generateId(e) { var columnNumber = 5; var initialId = 42; ...


You can use regexextract: =IF(ISTEXT(REGEXEXTRACT(A1, "sites")), 1,0) To explain regexextract allows you to see if that word appears in your string. However by default if the string is not found it returns #n/a , therefore i chose to wrap that formula with istext. This will only return true if the string is found.


=if(search("sheets",B2)>0,1,0) =if(IFERROR(search("sheets",B2)>0,0),1,0) Both work. The second writes a 0 if there's an error.

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