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For everything other than VEVO (and certain copyright videos) you can use this should bring it to 100% browser view area.


You view the result in full screen like this - Just click the share button on top -


This is something that flash decides locally, not some setting on Youtube. If you run windows this article over on Lifehacker tells you where to download a modified dll that will allow flash to remain full screen when it does not have focus. Another option might be to use a html5 able browser (Chrome, Safari for example) and tell Youtube to use that to ...


The reason that the sites you mention don't take advantage of the feature is because it doesn't work quite like you'd expect. It's true that that app will open in full-screen if you set the metatag, but any clicks that request a new page will launch Safari to display them. So in order to stay within the web-app, all your links need to open via ajax. Too ...


I think the other respondents to your thread looked at the iframe (crossdomain) issues and ignored the question. Another awesome JSFiddle user, Jennifer Perrin, answered more than half your question in her post "Get current page URL and title with jQuery". All that remains for you to do is to apply some logic on the URL returned and fashion it into a ...


jsfiddle doesn't support full screen. you can try this instead... and then click "Edit"...u will a complete full screen editor


I use VLC for that. It can even load playlists (might need some extra scripts for that to work). Also it skips advertisments. Just press ctrl+n and enter youtube url. also:


Use for example this fiddle URL. This will open it without any frames.


You can download and install Flash Keep FullScreen from this website : It will keep full screen for the video, even if they are paused or finished. It will also work for other applications in fullscreen, like Flash games on Facebook. Very easy to use and install. I hope it helps.

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