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If you need 2D QR barcodes, you can use Google Chart API:


Try BarchodeInc


Create barcodes: Look up UPC codes:


You could try a Markov generator. They create random text that's influenced by its input. If you give it example text that's similar to what you want, the result should resemble it. Here's one of several that I found: It includes several inputs, so you don't need to provide your own.


It sounds like a complicated task for a computer. How about using free eBooks that are in the public domain? Check out Project Gutenberg. In one of the speed reading courses I took, they used Alice in Wonderland.


My new site might have what you're looking for. It's entirely devoted to the subject of barcodes (UPCs and EANs), amongst the sites features: Renderering as PNG / SVG Batch validation A constantly expanding, 15M entry product database Search A public API A Windows Phone 8 App A Windows 8 App We're still very early in our development - there's ...

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