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Almost. You can search for Android apps based on the fact that they all contain an AndroidManifest.xml file in the repository. Part of that XML will include some fragment of code similar to: <uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="8" /> So you need to search that, like so: "android:minSdkVersion" extension:xml This will only bring up the files that ...


No, that's not possible. Public repo means it's accessible to all without any interstitials.


You only really need to add .atom to the end of most branch views to get the corresponding RSS feed of its commits. https://github.com/{username}/{repo}/commits/master.atom The above will show the RSS feed for commits against the master branch. If you wanted to see commits for another branch, change accordingly: ...


This isn't an option on the Network graph. Or at least not currently. The Network graph also opens up centred with the branch that has been set as default by the repo/fork owner(s), not necessarily the "master" branch. (Don't change your default branches after viewing the graph because the cache will still open up on the last set default branch.) ...

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