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Git has a separate concept of the author (the person who wrote the code) and committer (the person who committed it to the repository). Similarly there can be different dates for both. They are usually the same. You'd want them to be different primarily if the person writing the code or submitting the patch does not have push access to the repository as ...


Your GitHub account password and SSH key(s) used to connect with repos hosted on GitHub are two different set of credentials. You can change one without affecting the other.


This looks like a mix between how Git works with dates and how it was referenced with GitHub's closing keywords. Git separates between commit and author dates. In Pro Git they go a bit into the difference: The author is the person who originally wrote the work, whereas the committer is the person who last applied the work. So, if you send in a patch to ...


The GitHub robots.txt does explicitly disallow crawling of the wiki pages, for example in the Googlebot section: User-agent: Googlebot Allow: /*/*/tree/master Allow: /*/*/blob/master ... Disallow: /*/*/wiki/*/* As this is the site-wide robots file, there isn't any getting around it. It is an interesting choice, since GitHub describes wikis as a place to ...

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