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If you don't want to think about branches, do the following: Fork the repository using the Fork button. Make your changes to your fork (there will be a commit for each file changed, made by default to the master branch). When you're done, create a pull request using the button "Compare and pull request". The user will get one PR with several commits ...


I just stumbled across an app called Stargazers forks which lets you see all the forked versions of a repo regardless of how many forks there are. You can sort by number of issues, stars, or last updated. For example:


I created a python package "github-email-explorer" that you can use a command to get a email list from a repo for understanding who have starred. Here's an example: $ ge-explore --repo yuecen/github-email.explorer --action_type starred The result looks like, User A <>; User B <> To get more detail, check ...


I've found that deleting all files in a folder will automatically delete the folder. Not a perfect solution, but it seems intended.

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